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1 Acre Plus: National Market Update

September 05, 20238 min read

September 5, 2023

By Isabel Guzman, Realtor®

Video Transcription

most homeowners want to keep up with how the real estate market is performing right they want to know what trends are occurring or simply whether or not homes are selling now why does this Intrigue us so much well because this is a way we can kind of gauge what is occurring to the value of our property right our equity in this video I will be presenting to you a market update but guess what this video will not be a generic General market update on what is occurring in the real estate market in the city of New Browns but rather I will be digging deeper and more specifically talk to you about the real estate market as it pertains to only 1 acre home plus in the city of New Browns and let me take a moment and point out that you will not see this information publicized anywhere else simply because no one takes the time to carve out these micro statistics this Micro Data but I know that it is extremely important to truly monitor what is happening with homes on 1 acre are more in the city of New bronol if you truly want to understand this market right why because the market on homes on property can often be significantly different than your typical Market in our area hi I'm Isabelle Gusman and I specialize in helping people like you sell or purchase property on aage here in New Bron Texas welcome to my video and let's Jump Right In let me start off by disclosing that I have a bachelor's in counting which means that I can really geek out on statistics and numbers but I promise that I will do my best to keep this video very simple and short and sweet so again this is not a traditional market update this is data that is not generated by not one entity in fact this is data that I took the time to abstract from one of our local MLS boards so I had to ask myself and generate what are some of the numbers that I believe would be important to review and what I decided to do is review the last 12 months from August of 2022 through September of 2023 and compare that to the last calendar year that was normal before the pandemic so I'm talking about calendar year 2019 again in this video I will review what has occurred in the market in the last 12 months and compare that to the last pre-pandemic calendar year of 2019 some of you may be wondering why I decided to compare all the way back to 2019 and this is because we all know that the pandemic caused kind of havoc in the real estate market right we all saw that homes were selling in one day in sometimes in hours sometimes with any multiple offers and significantly over asking price now what we are seeing is the market starting to normalize so would not be appropriate to compare what's happening now to the last couple of years because what we saw during the pandemic will likely never happen again anytime soon or even In Our Lifetime the great news is that those of you who kept your home during the pandemic year very likely acur a nice chunk of equity let me emphasize the dust is starting to settle right we are still seeing High inflation and high interest rates so it's not to say that the does has settled completely but it's definitely normalizing the market so let's take a look I'm sure that you have been watching the news and keep hearing about how the real estate market keeps on turning down how there's negative news out there but you'll see that it's not as bad as the headlines make it out to be for example let's talk about the number of homes sold in the last 12 years compared to the number of homes sold in 201 19 well the number of homes sold in the last 12 months were 277 homes compare this to 373 total home sold in calendar year 2019 this is a 25% decrease which clearly tells us that inventory remains low so what are we seeing here people are hanging on to their homes it's very likely that having that 3% or 2 point something per interest rate will cause inventory to remain low for quite some time less inventory means that is most likely going to remain more of a sellers Market remember we are still technically in a sellers Market homes are taking 60 40 days to sell which still constitutes a seller's market now this is a very interesting number let's look at the average sold price of the last year which was 92756 now remember this is the average sold price of one or more acre home sold right here in New bronal compare this to the average in 2019 of 53713 that represents a 72% increase what does this mean it means that people's Equity truly did increase on a national level homeowners have an average of $300,000 in their value but this represents a $389,000 value on homes on one acre or more here in New bronol what about the average days on Market I thought this was also an interesting statistic so for the last 12 months the average days on Market which means when the house went for sale and when the they received their contract was 90 days in the last 12 months compared to 94 days in the calendar year of 2019 it is right about the same but technically lower in the last 12 months which means that homes are selling even a little bit faster than they were in 2019 yes they are not selling in 2 or 3 days like they were during the pandemic but we must remember that those were not normal years let's talk about the maximum days on Market in the last 12 months which was 371 days compared to the maximum days on market for 2019 guess what that was 625 days what we're saying here is that in 2019 it took some sellers 254 extra days to sell compared to what we're seeing today now this number can be a little bit skewed because we may have had likely more construction homes um selling in 2019 but it's still significantly larger that it has to influence the market overall now let me take a moment to give you a snapshot of what is happening right now as it stands in the 1ac Plus Market right here in New Bron Texas so what are we seeing we have a total of 130 homes available for sale active in new Bron Falls and an additional 21 homes that are pending that are under contract that's a total of 151 homes for sale right now in New brumels that are on 1 acre or more and if you do the math and we go back to what sold in the last 12 months which we said was 277 we are on Trend to sell even less this year so again we are still seeing a low inventory rate in the market overall but specifically here for the 1 acre Plus Homes in new brel now the average list price of the total current homes in the market right now which again we said what 151 is 1,243 n now compare this to the last sold price of the last 12 months of 900

seeing so many price reductions because ultimately it doesn't matter where you list your home will sell only at market value the last number that I want to talk to you about is the average days on Market on those 21 pending homes that I spoke to you about again remember we have 130 1 acre plus homes for sale on your Bron Falls but in additional 21 homes that are under contract well out of those 21 homes that under contract their average days on Market was 78 days again this is the day that it went live on the market to the day it received a contract which is 78 days which is significantly lower than 90 days which is the average days on market for the last 12 months so in summary what I'd like to say is the 1acre plus Home Market is strong in new Bron Falls yes homes are not selling in a day or two or even in a week we're seeing that in average they're selling between 78 to 90 days in the last 12 months but this is normal this still com constitutes a seller's market now it is important to make sure you have a right agent to advise you as to the proper listing price because one thing that we're seeing is a lot of price reduction which at the end of the day I truly believe ends up hurting you so it's imperative that you Market your home correctly and that you price it correctly right off the bat if you're thinking about selling a home please reach out to me for a no commitment consultation I'm happy to sit down with you and answer any question and of course explain all of this a little bit further I'm isab buus m broker Associated and realtor with exp royalty be sure to look out for all of my videos on YouTube and social [Music]


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